Bay Splash Appaloosa + Perlino Tobiano = Buckskin Splash Tobiano

Not just inheritance but scientifically correct color inheritance! is updated regularly to keep our genetics system accurate and up to date.

Every Horse a Masterpiece

The HAJ generator is the most advanced equine marking generator in the world. Our horses have entirely unique markings. Plus we have dozens of genes to collect, making quintillions of genetic combinations possible.


An inclusive and welcoming equine community

The real life equestrian world isn't always drama free, that is why we work hard to keep HuntAndJump that way. Our community is built on generosity, tolerance, and uplifting one another. That is why we still have active members from the founding of our game back in 2006. Our game is woman owned and family run!


Unlock your own breeds, build your dream barn

We don't limit you to the color rules of real life breed associations. Create your own breeds with your own rules and define your dream herd of horses. Use tack packs to design your dream barn, and have a little fun with optional fantasy genes.


Win awards and show them off

Train up and show your herd to earn points that fund your stable. Your leaderboard awards can be shown off right on your horse's image.

New player friendly

We start a new competition era every 6 months, so you can compete on even footing against other barns starting at the same time.


Buy it all with Horsebucks

We believe that a fun game is a fair game. That is why almost everything on the game can be purchased with in game currency, and what can't can be purchased from other players. We want everyone to succeed regardless of their financial situation.