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MESA SERVER | Year: 52 Era: 7

HuntAndJump Rules and Conditions

HuntAndJump.com Rules
  1. Joining Rules
    • You must be exactly 16 years of age or older to play HuntAndJump.com. This is to comply with European parental consent laws and all members under sixteen will have their accounts banned.
    • Creating any account for the purpose of political or religious debate will result in the immediate banning of that member. This includes anti-horse-slaughter, although creating rescue stables is perfectly acceptable.
    • By joining you signify the understanding that HuntAndJump.com has the sole right to seize all game points, horses and/or accounts on the game for any reason.
    • All minors must ask parental permission before joining.
    • No member of HuntAndJump.com may at anytime own or hold an official position for any website that competes with HuntAndJump.com.
    • By joining members agree that they will not create or be perform work on any website that competes with HuntAndJump.com.

  2. Site Content
    • No member name or horse name may make direct reference to any vulgar, profane or generally inappropriate content. Words that indirectly refer to inappropriate content are fine as long as they them selves are not inherently vulgar.
    • All images and text on a horses or members page must be 100% appropriate for people of all ages. No images representing or including sexual or vulgar content may be displayed.
    • Because HuntAndJump.com owns all horses and accounts on the game, members hold no copyright control over such names.
    • Images placed on HuntAndJump.com are the full legal responsibility of the person whose account or horses page they fall on. HuntAndJump.com will not remove image placed on the site as they are not the games responsibility. If you use illegal images on the site your privacy may be forfeited and you email forwarded to the owner of the copyrighted material. HuntAndJump.com can however fine or freeze accounts violating any copyright laws.
    • HuntAndJump.com can and will remove any horses from the game that it feels contain images that violate the law in anyway. This includes copyright infringement and hotlinking. Multiple occurrences is a lockable offense.

  3. Multiple Accounts: All the below rules apply to accounts owned by the same member.
    • There is a limit of 3 free accounts per household.
    • Excessive account creation is grounds for all accounts being locked.
    • All accounts owned by a single member must have the same email address.
    • Creating more than 3 accounts even if some or most are deactivated is still a lockable offence if done to excess.
    • If it is found that accounts you own contain different email addresses all your accounts can be fined or frozen.
    • If more than one player accesses their account from the same home all accounts owned by both members are considered one member, i.e. you and your sister can not send gifts to each other or share a single upgraded account.
    • Members may own as many paid accounts on HuntAndJump.com as they can reasonably manage, but no more than 3 free accounts.
    • Members may not sell and breed horses between multiple accounts they own for any reason.
    • Sales or breedings between accounts owned by the same member will result in fines or removed horses.
    • For no reason should a horse be transferred repeatedly between accounts owned by the same member.
    • For no reason should a horse in a basic account be sold to an upgraded account for the sole purpose of utilizing upgraded features.
    • Members who are transferring money between accounts will have all accounts fined or frozen.

  4. Member Interactions: All the below rules apply to interactions between accounts owned by different members.
    • All members are guests of HuntAndJump.com . As such every member is expected to treat all other guests equally and fairly.
    • When you place a horse for public sale you place it for sale to every one. You may not reserve a public sale for a certain person. Only buddy list sales can be reserved.
    • When you place a horse for public breed you place it for stud/brood to every one. You may not reserve a breeding for a certain person. If a person breeds to your horse other then the person whom you intended to, you may not complain or harass the breeder for any reason.
    • No member on HuntAndJump.com has any right to harass or any way pester another member of the game, on or off of the site. This includes telling a different member to change something about their horses, or sending unwanted communications. Chain-mailers will be banned from the game.

  5. Account/Horse Management
    • Members also do not own any part of HuntAndJump.com and as such they have no legal claim to any account or horse on the site.
    • Because members do not own anything on HuntAndJump.com they may not give away, or sell any horse on the site for actual money.
    • Member accounts are a gift from HuntAndJump.com to its members. They may not be sold for actual or for game money. They may not be given or gifted to any person, for any reason. You may not have another person log into your account for any reason.
    • For no reason should two members own a single account but members on different accounts may have partnerships and sister stables.
    • HuntAndJump.com will not get involved in any dispute involving game partnerships.
    • HuntAndJump.com reserves the sole right to sell horses, accounts and hajibucks for actual money and no other person may do so.
    • Members found trying to sell horses, accounts or hajibucks will have ALL of their accounts frozen immediately.
    • No site administrator or moderator will ever ask you for your password or email. We have no need to, so never give this information away.
    • A member must never use one account for the sole benefit or another account.
    • Members must not create accounts for the sole benefit or another account.
    • All accounts created or used to transfer money or horses to the benefit of a central account are considered illegal.
    • A member may be banned if HuntAndJump.com feels that member is creating or using accounts to benefit a centralized account.
    • Members whose accounts are locked lose all rights to said accounts, horses, game cash, upgrades, barns or any other features of that accounts.
    • HuntAndJump.com may decide that any conduct it dislikes is grounds for account locking.

  6. Guarantees
    • HuntAndJump.com makes no explicit or implicit guarantees.
    • HuntAndJump.com does not guarantee its up time nor any other aspect of the game, nor do we make any guarantees about future content for upgraded members.
    • HuntAndJump.com may choose to offer rebates or incentives due to down time, but does not guarantee any such practice.
    • HuntAndJump.com does not owe any members any refunds for any reason other then a mistake made by HuntAndJump.com's staff or ownership.
    • The only mistakes warranting refund are accidental deleting of a members account, horses, barns, cash, or upgrades, or improper insertion of a paid upgrade or add-on into the database.
    • HuntAndJump.com will not give refunds for any items purchased via IV's, game cash, or other non real currency transaction.
    • HuntAndJump.com will not give refunds if a member loses their account because of password sharing or negligence.
    • Members who are caught cheating and have accounts locked may pay to have the locked accounts transferred to a new stable but for no reason will HuntAndJump.com provide a refund to any member who has an account locked because of cheating.
    • Cheating negates any claim the member had on their accounts, or any money, items, or time invested into that account.
    • Members agree not to hold HuntAndJump.com liable for any money lost or time spent while playing the game.
    • The member acknowledges that once money is paid to HuntAndJump.com, HuntAndJump.com reserves the right to not issue a refund for any reason.
    • Members who are rude, offensive, or threatening to HuntAndJump.com negate any right to any refund.
    • HuntAndJump.com reserves the right to shut down, remove, delete or modify any account or stable at any time for any reason, and does not have to give refunds in such cases.

  7. Accepting these Rules of Conduction and Terms and Conditions.
    • As stated on the log in box on HuntAndJump.com members agree to these terms and conditions every time they log in.
    • Any changes made to these rules apply to all members immediately without exception, or warning.
    • HuntAndJump.com does not have to warn it's members of rule breaking or misconduct before locking their accounts.
    • HuntAndJump.com members are held responsible for tracking the status of their accounts personally. HuntAndJump.com does not have any obligation to contact or inform it's members in any way of account, game cash, game horse or other closures or seizures of the members items on HuntAndJump.com.
    • HuntAndJump.com provides its members with a service not a product. As such once this service is provided HuntAndJump.com is no longer responsible for any returns or refunds.
    • Forcing of a return or refund will be considered refusal of payment for services provided and will cause you to be permanently banned from all accounts.